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From the first decade of May to the end of September you can visit the colorful Prague, enjoy all the delights of rest in this country. In this most relevant for the tourist period of the year you will be kindly received in any part of the city. Come to marvel and admire how the unusually connected styles are Cubism, Art Nouveau and Gothic with the spirit of antiquity that is roving in the air, giving off the bitterness.
The architectural and historical sights of the capital of the Czech Republic focused on the Prague right coast. This area is also called the old city. Here tourists like visiting Prague most of all like to stay, therefore the Merchant Crown Hotel is very popular.
Hotel Features

To find this place, look for Vaclavskenam Street. 846/1. To do this, use the navigator, or ask the road with the locals. Be guided by the fact that the hotel is located in the center of the old city on the fifth floor of the building.

Hotel category - 5 stars. From the windows of rooms you can admire the unusual architectural constructions, built at different times. If you stop here, in a few minutes you can get to almost any sights of Prague - most of them are several hundred meters from the hotel, others you will quickly reach by taxi, minibuses, buses.

At the service of each guest is an experienced staff. Specialists are doing everything possible to make the rest of all hotel guests perfect. If you have any wishes, claims or questions, you will be listened to carefully and tactfully, without resorting to creating a conflict situation.

The walls of the hotel are decorated with paintings by great artists. This element of decor is effectively combined with the unfashionable, strict interior of the rooms, creates a luxurious and cozy atmosphere in the institution.

You can choose any number, according to your needs and preferences: economy with 1 or 2 beds, a junior suite or suite, a suite equipped with a balcony, or a suite with panoramic windows.

This hotel has the following features:

  • Visitors evaluate the sound quality of rooms by 9 points out of 10.
  • On the beds every day fresh linen, which is selected strictly in the style concept of the room.
  • Guests are always waiting for pleasant surprises in the design of the lodges - the staff skillfully decorates them with figures in the form of hearts or flowers made of towels.
  • The rooms are cleaned every morning.
  • Shower cabins are provided in each bathroom.
  • Toilets in the suites have a control panel.

The best restaurant goodies

Guests of the hotel, settled here on a tour package, can enjoy daily free breakfasts. Also in the restaurant at the hotel for a fee you can order hearty and delicious meals, romantic fragrant dinners. Here you can enjoy everything: not only tasting with gastronomic delights, but also enjoying the panoramic view of the greenery area.

Welcome to the Merchant Crown Hotel!

Luxury apartments of an elite hotel are waiting for you. Hurry to get a ticket, because the tourist season in Prague is already open. Booking Prague room to spend leisure time in the best hotel in the capital of the Czech Republic!


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