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Five-star hotel central prague

Democratic and colorful Prague opens its gates for a tourist influx from May to September. The city is impregnated with a tart aroma of antiquity and variety of styles (gothic, modern, cubism).

Prague right coast - is an old city - a place of concentration of architectural and historical sights. A favorite kind of guests of the capital of the Czech Republic, and behind one of the most successful locations of the Merchant Crown Hotel.

Hotel old Prague

Star category of the hotel - five. Orientation by navigator center of the old town of Vaclavskenam street. 846/1. The shopping and office building determined the fifth floor as the hotel's location. From the height of the skyscraper you will see graceful views of the spiers of the roofs of Prague brick houses. All attractions are within walking distance of you. Transport infrastructure - buses, minibuses, taxis will bring guests to the capital in favorite, tourist places. Express service is a well-trained staff, ready to adequately perceive any of your questions and claims. The style concept of the hotel design is austerity and not pretentiousness combined with a delicate taste and highlight of the decor (paintings by the great painters).

Number of rooms:

  1. Economy (superior double room with 1 or 1 beds)
  2. Junior Suite
  3. Suite
  4. Suite with balcony
  5. Suite with view

Soundproofing rooms 9 of 10. Clean bed linen on the bed in the tone of the color scheme of the room design. Every morning cleaning staff spend a complete cleaning of the room, plus leave pleasant surprises for guests (decorating the bed with towels in the form of lily flowers or hearts). The sanitary unit is equipped with a shower cabin and innovative equipment - a toilet with a control panel (separate categories of rooms). Rooms in Prague - it's comfort and сoziness.

Restaurant revels

The hotel provides free breakfast included in tour packages, a hearty dining table (requiring payment) and romantic evening feasts (requiring payment). A circular overview of the restaurant hall, will absorb guests with its panorama of the landscaped terrace area and gastronomic culinary delights (lobster with cream sauce).

Welcome to Merchant Crown Hotel

The time has come, the season is open and holidays in Prague, the elite hotel Prague invites guests to its chic apartments. Book rooms and relax in one of the best hotels in historical Prague.

Booking Prague - Rooms & Suites


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